The technology

The Donkey Republic system is enabled by the communication between a mobile app and the electronic ring lock placed on the bike, via a low energy Bluetooth connection.

The Rider app

The Donkey Republic app for riders (available on Apple App Store and Google Play) helps users create their account, find and rent bikes, unlock and lock their rented bike, switch bikes, extend and end a rental, or sign up for special memberships available locally.



Through the user flow in the app, riders are offered different rental options depending on whether they are visitors or regular users. Read more about different pricing models here. The system also enables users to:

  • choose the number of bikes they want to rent,
  • choose a rental period (from 30 min to 14 days)
  • if they want to return the bike to the pick-up location or elsewhere, if alternative drop-off locations are available
  • cancel or extend their rental
  • contact customer support etc.  

The fleet management system

The fleet management system consists of the Owner app and an online admin platform. They help local operators manage their bike fleet, have an overview of parking locations, rentals, revenue, utilisation rates, issues with bikes and other performance statistics (e.g. cancellation rates, customer satisfaction rates).

The Owner admin platform

We created – and constantly update – this effective and easy to use fleet management tool so that you can operate your business with little effort. Here are a couple of things you can do on your own admin dashboard:

Owner admin platform features

Lock management

You can assign locks to bikes and track battery levels for your locks.

Real-time bike status

You can assign bikes to hubs, enable or disable them, get a real-time overview of bike states (enabled, disabled, rented out, misplaced, with issues reported etc.).

Hub management

You can create hubs, set their location, radius, capacity, price, availability restrictions etc.

Rentals overview

You can get an overview of upcoming, ongoing, ended and cancelled rentals.

Business performance

You can get stats on your revenues, payment reports, bike utilisation, hub performance

Team management

You can assign roles and access levels to your employees in the system.

The Owner app

The Owner app (available on Apple App Store and Google Play) adds the mobile value to the fleet management system. Used mainly by mechanics and fleet managers, the app is perfect for when your team is on the go, and enables you to run efficient operations right where your bikes are.

With the Owner app, you can unlock any bike in your fleet and track all relevant information connected to bikes and locks.

Ready to start your Donkey Republic bike-share operation?